From her ODH mom:
HEATHER was in Old Dog Haven Final Refuge care for 3 years. She was a funny 45-pound shepherd mix – mostly deaf, but could always hear the doorbell (which would send her into a happy barking frenzy), and any time I would sneeze (which would send her running from the room – memories from her past ???)

She eventually had 3 ODH siblings, but was particularly fond of EARL – maybe because from day one he liked her too, and together they made an ideal velcro pair following me around the house. On walkies, I took the two of them
together. On those walkies, HEATHER never gave up on rescuing orphaned apples that had fallen from neighborhood trees – carefully carrying them home to be placed next to her food bowl.

HEATHER became more frail over the last 6 months, and her mobility issues from spinal disk disease in her neck and lower back gradually worsened. Medication was added and adjusted, and we kept her comfortable. She never ever gave up on her food, and she could time her medications (4 times per day) down to the minute – no need for a clock when you had HEATHER.

Wednesday morning we all got up for our 4am walkies as usual. HEATHER was having difficulties with her rear end, so I put a Help ‘em UP harness on her and assisted her out to the parking strip. She did not want to walk, but she did
want to stand in the grass in the quiet, cold morning air. We stood there for a very long time while she sniffed – her nose up in the air and a slight breeze on her face. She seemed to be saying it was time, and she wanted to sniff one last
goodbye to her life here.

And so we sent her on her way. She was dearly loved by all who knew her, and she will always be missed – my heavenly HEATHER.