Luscious, voluptuous Stella! She came to ODH after being dropped off at a shelter at age 15. The shelter vet discovered some serious medical problems that had never been treated. This brave, beautiful chocolate lab mix walked out of the shelter and straight into the hearts of her new family — and now happily lounges around all day keeping a close eye on her new Mom and Dad. She is working on losing a bit of weight, and is on daily meds that will hopefully keep her mast cell tumors under control. Stella is happiest when she is right next to her humans, or sniffing around the yard and following her pack. When you look into her eyes, you see affection and gratitude. That adorable gray-tinged face expresses so clearly that she knows she is safe, comfortable, and loved immensely.

From her ODH family: Luscious and so lovable, our darling Stella lived to be over 17 years old. She struggled with her stout figure, failing kidneys and mast cell tumors. But with the gift of terrific medical care from ODH and loads of love and attention, Stella spent her last days living large & luxuriously. She leaves a big space to be filled — in our home and in our hearts.