Little Henry has had a tough time in life. When he landed up at a local shelter for (at least) the second time, he arrived blind, skinny, and with just about the worst rotting teeth you can imagine. But this resilient little guy stole the shelter staff’s hearts and they reached out to ODH for help. Two great ODH transporters whisked Henry to his ODH forever home with a mom who has years of veterinary tech experience caring for dogs. Which is such good luck for Henry, as he’s now being thoroughly loved and properly cared for! His foster mom tells us that despite everything, Henry is warming up to his new home and getting lots of love: “He is the sweetest, most stoic little man!”

Part of Henry’s recovery includes a nifty “Halo” which helps him navigate his forever home and surroundings despite his blindness. He can now take part in whatever’s going on around him with a lot more confidence and safety–and what joy and freedom that brings! And he’s had those rotting teeth removed. Whew! Henry still has a number of challenges going forward, as his care team found a foreign body in his stomach, a urinary tract infection (UTI), low albumin levels, and the lingering effects of having had terrible teeth, but his mom tells us that he’s gained weight and is just a shining love bug!

Friends, because of your loyal support of ODH, Henry will continue to receive the best veterinary care possible to address his health issues and he’ll be given the golden days he so deserves at long last. This loving care and support means the world to a dog like Henry, and for this we thank you from the bottom of our furry hearts!

Update: While dear Henry’s forever mom had to let him go recently, thanks to your dedicated support Henry spent his golden days with the best possible care and the most love imaginable before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to peace.  He will be sorely missed by everyone who met and loved him. Thank you from the bottom of our furry hearts for helping care for Henry.

Home at last

What a guy!

Henry with his halo