Jerry was a stray at a local shelter – a thin, frail little boy with a lame leg.  It was originally thought that his leg would need to be amputated, but it was later realized that the leg is not paralyzed but rather just permanently bent at the elbow, no doubt from an untreated injury. Jerry uses his leg to balance and prop himself up, and it doesn’t seem to be painful. Once in Old Dog Haven care, Jerry received an ultrasound for a hernia that was covered by the Maranda Fund.

Jerry’s ODH Final Refuge mom describes him in one word – sweet.  He is sweet to his core.  He wants nothing more than a good snuggle, and he’s never known a stranger.  He’s a favorite at the vet clinic as well, where the clinic staff pass him around for kisses and hugs at every visit.

Because of his diminutive stature, he can always be seen sporting a sweater or fleece onesie to keep him warm. His best friend is his fellow ODH Final Refuge brother Pugsley, with resident cat Archie being a close second.

Our thanks to ODH supporters for providing the best vet care to keep Little Jerry healthy and happy for as long as possible.  We are so grateful!

Update:  Jerry truly enjoyed every minute with his Final Refuge mom and soaked up all the love and care that he thrived on.  When it was finally time to say goodbye, he left wonderful memories and the joy in knowing that he had the very best last chapter possible.  Dear Jerry will be greatly missed – he was such a special little fellow.