When KayCee, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was found as a stray in a large shelter, she was thought to be about 12. She was blind from a ruptured eyeball (which was very painful), severely anemic, abscessed teeth, and a serious heart problem. We decided that despite her heart condition, we had to remove her eye and the bad teeth and get her spayed as well. To our horror we found that she was carrying two puppies which were delivered just ten days later. It is incredible to us that she not only survived surgery and delivery, but continues to thrive. Also incredible is the fact that her “owner” let their senior, blind, sick little dog become pregnant and lost. KayCee was an excellent mom to her two healthy puppies that were adopted out and have their mom’s wonderful temperament. KayCee is a testament to the ease of having a blind senior in the house. She easily adapts when things are moved around in the house and managed a move to a new foster home with grace and ease. They say this particular breed of Spaniel is the most loving, and KayCee is no exception. She gets the award for world’s best “hugger” and we think she is absolutely beautiful both inside and out!

Update:  After  an amazing 10 years and 8 months with Old Dog Haven, KayCee’s kidneys failed and it was time for her foster mom to say a very sad goodbye.   Everyone loved this little girl and she had a truly wonderful life.  She came to so many ODH events and was a special ambassador.   Little KayCee was a perfect example of the difference ODH can make in the lives of wonderful old dogs.