From Sadie’s foster mom:

Sadie came into the shelter missing an eye and is now losing vision in the other. She is also hard of hearing but she gets around just fine.

At Sadie’s intake exam the vet found a tumor in her anal gland and advised surgery. Old Dog Haven decided to have the surgery done and used the Maranda Fund to cover the cost. Unfortunately the tumor was cancer (adenocarcinoma) and the prognosis was not very good. But despite the odds the surgeon strongly advised an oncology consultation.

Sadie was taken in for a consultation and the veterinary oncologist in a very practical and kind way, offered three possible chemotherapy treatments. The oncologist said that without chemotherapy the survival rate would be 6 months maximum, but with treatment Sadie could have 18 – 24 months.  The odds sounded good so Old Dog Haven went ahead with the chemotherapy. It was a long drive from Sadie’s home to the oncology office but she was a real trooper and had four treatments win no side effects.

Sadie started her chemotherapy in June 2018 and is still going strong!  Sadie has beaten the odds and I hope she is with me for many more months. She is definitely a survivor and I love her so much. I am so grateful our supporters, the Maranda Fund, her veterinarians and to Old Dog Haven for bringing her into my life.

Update:  After a truly wonderful time in her Final Refuge home, sweet Sadie’s health declined quickly and it was time to let her move on.  She was the dearest girl and so very loved.