When we were ready to add a dog to our household, we were really drawn to help an older dog.  We contacted Old Dog Haven and they found just the perfect pup for us to care for for the rest of her life (this is Final Refuge or final foster).

Sissy arrived just after Thanksgiving. She had made a very long trip with a good attitude and I was her third and final transport. When we arrived at my house her first action was to gently attempt to make friends with the neighbor’s cat. This was a good sign.

As we entered the house Sissy’s tail was wagging, she had a doggy smile going, and my noisy wiener dogs just became silent and still like the queen was entering the room.  Instead of barking and frenzy there was a hush and calmness fell over us all. The cats even came forward to give Sissy a head bump of welcome.

When Sissy first arrived she was 18 ½  pounds (way too heavy), she had a side to side rocking waddle, and she couldn’t take the two steps up or down to the back yard. Then, she tried to go out the dog door and got stuck!  (As I said WAY too heavy.)  Our poor girl limped and was exhausted walking to the back gate. The first time I tried to take her for a walk (1/2 a small block) I had to carry her home.

Since then, she has lost about 2 pounds, and she can go all the way around the block before she is tired. Also, she can get through the dog door and come up the two steps from the yard without assistance.   She hops and trots when excited, but her arthritis does not allow her to genuinely run.

After settling into our Final Refuge home, SIssy  is silly and playful, calm and sweet, and she is gentle to all the other animals.

Old Dog Haven stepped in when Sissy wound up in a shelter and now this delightful little dog is with us for the rest of her life; a perfect match, even the cats are grateful!

Update:  It was finally time for Sissy’s wonderful family to say good-bye to her.  She was such a special pup and had a wonderful time in her new home – she was much loved and a joy for her family.