Kira is a frosty faced beauty said to be about 8 years old. She is a 49 pound dog whose owners call her a lab mix. Kira is in need of a home without children. She has bitten one of the kids in her home when he startled her while she was sleeping.

Kira’s ideal home is one where there are no other animals. She lives with cats at this time and is usually good with them but she can become possessive of her toys if a cat shows interest. While she has never lived with another dog, her owners tell us she reacts to dogs the way they do when she meets them.

Kira is a very smart girl who knows many verbal commands and even tricks. She will ring a “poochie bell” to let you know she needs to go out to potty. Kira is well behaved when left alone in her home and can manage quite a while before she needs a potty break.

Kira is beginning to show signs of arthritis in her leg. She can manage some stairs at this time and perhaps with joint supplements, she can continue to do so. We are told she will pull on leash when out for a walk if she sees something exciting.

Kira can become possessive of human food dropped on the floor. It sounds as though this smart girl would benefit from some training. She needs adopter who is not a pushover and one who is dog savvy. Her owners tell us she can be very engaging with people when they have visitors. She’s not a big cuddler, she can be more “cat like” sometimes but when she does cuddle, it’s special!

Kira is located in Edgewood, WA. She is in need of an adoptive home very soon. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.