From Kizzy’s Final Refuge Family:

Kizzy was with her previous family for 11.5 years.  They adopted her when she was 1, but decided to surrender her due to family changes.  Kizzy will be 14 in June, but you would never know it from her bouncy demeanor.  She has endless energy and loves to snuggle with anyone and everyone.

She is typically a sweet, quiet girl but she will let you know when she’s hungry or needs to go potty and she lets Albert (foster brother) know when he has wandered into her space.  She is very smart and can do lots of acrobatics (spinning, twirling, hopping, jumping, running and climbing) despite her luxating patellas.

Kizzy loves to be the center of attention and be the boss of everyone.  Unfortunately Kizzy had to have all her teeth removed and two fistulas repaired, but other than being a very messy eater now, she does not let it slow her down…in fact she’ll still try to sneak a bite in on an unsuspecting small child or dog if she gets a chance.

Kizzy is a very brave and adventurous girl who loves walks and treats and is excited to greet every new day.  She brings so much love and joy to our family we feel blessed to be Kizzy’s forever home.