Meet a very tiny, adorable chihuahua named Toby who is now safe and very spoiled in a loving Old Dog Haven forever home.

Toby arrived in his permanent foster home after his owner passed away.  His adoring foster mom shares his story.

“From what I know of his previous life, he had multiple owners in an apartment building, never went to the vet and was fed frozen wontons and puppy food (he’s 10+ years old).

“When we first got him, he slept in his crate 24/7 and we rarely saw him.  Now he follows me around everywhere and is always by my side.  He loves the sun and sunbathes on the deck or in the yard.  Toby is just the cutest dog, feisty and spoiled.  He loves to wipe his face all over the bed and then wrap himself in a blanket like a burrito and snores like an old man.  He lives with his chiweenie sister, Abby and his corgi brother Neo.

“It was touch and go when he first arrived from neglect and lack of vet care. He was quickly diagnosed with a level 5 heart murmur, neck tumor, perineal hernia, dental issues, lack of appetite and constant diarrhea.  We are appy to report he is now an eating and pooping champion and we are managing his medical issues with the help of his lovely vet.

“ODH has been a life saver allowing Toby to get multiple health checks (including one he was mildly sedated for and a visit with cardio).  They’ve covered the costs for his medications and his prescription foods (IBD).  He’s had a few gastro issues and has had to have multiple tests and antibiotics to help cure it.

“I’m forever grateful that we are able to give him the love and care he deserves. We love him so much and are so thankful and to Old Dog Haven for giving him a second life!”