Lady came to the shelter after animal control officers worked hard to get her out of a bad living situation. Despite being 14 years old and nearly deaf, she was in good condition and proved to be a sweet friendly girl. Her sweet smile and youthful face belie her true age! We have no idea what her breed mix really is; DNA testing came up with some interesting possibilities. Lady now lives in Seattle with her Final Refuge mom and pack mates Gem and Simon. She quickly learned the ropes and fit right in. She rarely makes a peep but has a very expressive tail and is good at using her front paw to tell you she would like attention.

Update: Lady spent nearly 2 years with her ODH home, having lots of adventures. At 16 her age caught up very quickly and a sudden crisis told her family it was time to say goodbye. She was much loved, including by her blind kitty, and will be remembered with smiles.

e-Lady catahoula-basenji on the water