Little Precious lost her home at the age of 14, was cared for by family and friends for as long as possible, and then came to an ODH home thanks to the help of her longtime veterinarian. She’s settling in well to her new setting and totters around the house with another very old little guy. Precious particularly likes to sit on her ODH mom’s lap while she works, so she has a special “dog purse” to keep her safe there. It’s such a great hideout that she sleeps in it wherever it’s located! We hope this cutie pie will have some more good years and those bright little eyes keep sparkling.

Update:  Precious’s body failed her very suddenly and she was sent on her way quickly. She had lived a long life and the last few months had been particularly happy, enjoying the company of other poms and attention from her ODH family. She will be missed.

Precious - day 1

Precious – day 1