Larkin’s story: I’m probably a Lhasa/Shih Tzu mix with all the worst qualities of the Lhasa and the best of the Shih Tzu. I was rescued during a frigid December 2009. I was very frightened, cold, confused, and lonely. Why did no one love me and spend time with me? Why did no one give me a dry warm place to sleep and keep me clean? I had spent most of my time chained in a muddy enclosure, hadn’t been groomed or bathed. I was infested with all kinds of things and had burrs and thorns wound into my hair which made sores. In my foster family I have been held and loved by humans, barked at cows, and been frightened by a peacock opening his great plume and screaming at me! I feel and act like a puppy. I didn’t really get to go through that stage of my development so I’m doing it now. I love toys, love to chew things, more than anything I love to run and feel the wind on my face. I especially like being in the car or truck. I love long drives and love to help with errands. I love my foster family. I am loyal, I come when I’m called, I’m robust and fit. I am now in a final home, lapping up the attention! Larkin had been in an ODH home for more than 6 years when a huge tumor in his abdomen brought him to the end of his life. He was such a treasured part of his family and will be remembered forever with love. Larkin died April 10, 2015.