Lenny was a dog who was found “stray”: very thin, unaltered with a tumor in each testicle and no teeth. Despite his poor physical condition he was beautiful on the inside, he had a way of touching people with eyes that seemed to look right into you. His foster mom fell madly in love with him. Lenny was neutered but that unfortunately threw him into kidney failure. There were ups and downs for four months but through it all Lenny was happy and very much loved. We take these dogs in and never know how long we will really have with them. Something we learn from these old dogs is to appreciate every day they are with us, it’s something you learn to never take for granted. While some may think it’s a sad thing, to take a “hospice” dog in, his foster mom feels honored that the very last bond Lenny had with a human was with her. Lenny was a special dog who made her feel very special and for that she will always be grateful. Lenny passed away January 13, 2014.