Missie was one of 3 dogs who were taken to a large shelter when their owner died in 2009. At that time Missie was only 11 years old. Old Dog Haven found foster homes for all 3 dogs and Missie was adopted shortly after. She lived four years in her adoptive home until, sadly, her owner had a health event that caused her to ask ODH to take Missie back into care. Missie was taken into a Final Refuge home and was with that family for 6 months. It was tough on her at first to adjust again to a new home but with time and patience she settled in beautifully. Missie was a sweet, funny little dog who enjoyed the company of the other dogs in her foster home, loved going for walks and cuddling up at night in her foster family’s bed. Missie developed liver disease (and probable cancer) and stopped eating in spite of a lot of effort to get her to do so. She was sent on to spare her any suffering. Missie will always be remembered with a smile. She passed away January 20, 2014.