Lucy Liu is a 7-pound Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix. She ended up ina shelter at age 13. She was spayed and had 3 mammary masses removed and she has a heart murmur as well. Her skin is much improved from when she first arrived at her personal luxury retirement home. She’s beginning to like the bi-monthly baths and skin massages provided by her personal cook and slave. 🙂 Now, Lucy is a sleek, high-stepping little girl with an easy and affectionate temperament. She’s good looking with a black body and white chest, feet, tail tip and forehead blaze. Her legs are very long and her only awkwardness is when she gets up a little speed on the way to the food bowl, as her feet jockey for space under her narrow body. She gets along well with other dogs and delights in barking at the only cat in the house. She can be found daily in the middle of the living room couch, burrowed in soft blankets, legs kicked out in front of her, enjoying a direct view of the TV and kitchen. Comfort can be a challenge at the Lucy Liu Retirement Home For Wanted Dogs!

Update:  Lucy Liu was 14 years old when her heart disease worsened and seizures did as well. When a crisis developed her ODH family knew that it was time to say goodbye and spare her any more struggle. This little girl leaves a big empty space in her home.