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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Lucy Lu was a stray and who knows how long she might have been on her own. When she arrived at our home I was appalled at her condition. Her nails were completely curled under her paws and the bones had somehow grown out of the top of them. It was so hard for her to walk! Her fur was so terrible, matted all over, and she even had some on her face. In fact, the shelter people thought she was blind because she kept bumping into things until they cut the fur in front of her eyes.

Her teeth were so infected that besides having terrible bad breath, poor Lucy Lu could hardly eat and she was terribly thin. We all had our work cut out for us, including Lucy Lu.

Lucy Lu has shown us how resilient these wonderful old dogs can be. The day after she arrived we took her to the vet for a nail trimming and they cleaned out what mats they could. But she still had one next to her mouth and others around her face and eyes that had to be cleaned up. The day she had her dental, because she was under anesthesia, the vet could get those stubborn and tight mats out from around her face. What a change that made!

Lucy Lu felt so much better and started trusting us more (when she first arrived she hid from us). A few days after her dental Lucy Lu had a grooming appointment and that truly made a difference. She is proud, her feet are almost healed, and she is learning to walk normally once again. She isn’t spending all day hiding in the corner of a bedroom any longer and is regaining her love of life.

Lucy Lu now comes out and explores the yard and house for several hours at a time. She is getting to know the other four dogs in our household and gets along very well with them. Right now she seems to be trying to find her place in the pack.

As her feet started healing Lucy Lu was able to go on her first walk since being with us. It was rather short and we will gradually increase them as feet continue getting heal.  And boy did she did enjoy being with her pack!

Lucy Lu also just likes to sit in front of the patio door and watch the birds and wildlife outside. She is a very calm and sweet dog, is a quick learner and knows our routines now. She particularly likes the husband of the household so we wonder if her owner had been a senior man and something happened to him.

One day I sat on the couch holding Lucy Lu for quite a while. We snuggled and “talked”. I told her this is her “forever home” and how very much we love her. I am very happy she has come into our life. Thanks to Old Dog Haven and our donors we have been able to make her as healthy as possible.



Lucy Lu is sponsored by:

  • Ann F. Lomeli of Whately, MA in memory of Herbert & Connie Futter - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Kara Marn of Seattle, WA - Lifetime Sponsor