Introducing Violet! Tiny Violet was left at a shelter, frightened of any and all handling. She was having seizures, so this made it  difficult to give her needed veterinary care.  She was also terribly underweight.

Fortunately, her soon-to-be Old Dog Haven mom has many years of experience working with challenging animals and Violet joined a happy, well adjusted group of little dogs who helped with her adjustment.  Thanks to your support of Old Dog Haven, Violet’s medical issues were addressed and she was able to see an ophthalmologist, have an abdominal ultrasound, and then a badly needed dental.

Now that Violet has settled into her Final Refuge home, she has grown much more hair and she’s oh-so soft and fluffy.  A little more than a year later, her seizures are under control and she’s gained half a pound, so she’s now a whopping 3 1/2 whole pounds! Her nicknames include “PVC” (which stands for “precious Violet Chihuahua”) and “Teletubby” since she’s gained some weight!

Your support of ODH and dedicated ODH Final Refuge families like Violet’s make all the difference in our senior dogs’ lives – truly a win-win situation for all!

Update:  After almost 4 years, it was time for Violet’s Final Refuge family  to say goodbye.  She had really blossomed in her new home and was VERY attached, especially to her mom.  She was mom’s very special girl.  Little, tiny Violet will be greatly missed.

Violet – day 1