In 2019 Old Dog Haven received a call from an owner who needed to give up her two dogs because she was having health issues and could no longer care for them. The owner had bought Moby and then his brother Tucker from a breeder as puppies, but her resident cat did not approve, so these two boys were forced to live outside on the back porch near a wood pile and were only allowed inside at night to sleep in a crate.  The two dogs were only groomed once a year so they were living with itchy, and yeasty, red skin and very little medical care or attention.  They lived this way for 12 years, not knowing that their life was going to get a whole lot better.

Moby’s foster home tells us about his new life.

“Moby and his brother Tucker moved into our home and instantly stole our hearts.  These boys spent their first few days very confused, scared and not sure how to act while living indoors.  They both hid in the laundry room and stayed there for three days.  Around midnight on the third night, they both peaked out of the laundry room on their own and then started racing through the house at top speed and started wrestling with each other. They spent their next year napping inside on the couch all day, play fighting, going for long walks in the yard and soaking up all the love and attention that they had always been deprived of.   They lived happily together until Tucker passed away one year later from a heart condition.

“When Moby became a final refuge dog and a member of the Old Dog Haven family, he finally received the medical care he had been lacking for all of his life. He was given medicated baths to treat his skin conditions and despite his objections, gets groomed every eight weeks.  He is also on a prescription diet to manage his obesity and his irritable bowel disease.  Moby is prescribed medication to keep his liver enzymes under control and is seen every six months by our vet office to monitor his blood work and keep him healthy.

“Moby has now been with us for three and a half years and is still going strong at 16 years old.  He is everyone’s favorite cuddle buddy and the dog that is always happy to share his bed with a friend.  He is a little gentle soul who lives to nap and eat, and eat, and eat!  At feeding time, he barks like a loud, hungry seal and dances until his belly is full and then heads back to his cozy, soft bed to sleep the day away.  This sweet dog that spent years living outside without human companionship is now surrounded by the comforts of his own home and surrounded by many friends.

“Because of Old Dog Haven and its many supporters, Moby was given a second chance to live a new life with a forever family that loves and adores him!”

Update:  After 4 years, Moby’s family had to let him go – we couldn’t give him a good quality of life any longer.  He was treasured by his family and was a very happy dog.