Moon – This very handsome and charismatic guy has had way too many stops along the road of his lifetime. Brought to a shelter as a young dog, adopted, returned at age 12. Spent time in two different foster homes for the shelter; both loved him but couldn’t keep him. Adopted once, returned quickly because he wasn’t happy left alone for long hours. Adopted again, but the younger resident dog resented him and he was very afraid of fireworks so again he needed to move along. He is finally in an ODH home which will be his last. He gets along with all the human and furry family members, is relaxed and well behaved, and still in quite good health. He is very attached to his ODH mom who pronounces him a sweetheart. We’re so glad he’s home for good.

Update:  After 3-1/2 years with his ODH family, Moon’s very old body just couldn’t keep going.    He was loved to the very end and is much missed.