Ren is a dachshund mixed with something else but definitely has the dachsie personality! She was brought to a shelter by an elderly owner who couldn’t remember if she was 15 or 18 – Ren tells us she at least FEELS much younger than either one. She arrived with a horrible “dachsie mouth” which has required two procedures to fix; now her tongue hangs out a bit and her lip wrinkles but she feels like a million dollars. She fit right into her ODH home with two other dachsies and has things completely under control. Her family adores her and she tells them what to do….what a happy cuddly little dog, even when dressed in silly outfits.

Update:  Ren’s long life (about 18 years) came to an end after 3 years being cherished in her ODH home.    Her sweet personality made many fans and friends; she leaves a big hole in her family.