Rufus, a parti-colored cocker, spent more than two months in a shelter as they tried to fix the results of serious neglect. Like so many of his breed (especially those bred for color, not always responsibly), he had major ear, eye and skin issues which had been left untreated. They removed one of his eyes due to glaucoma; the other has a little vision remaining but most is lost to a cataract. His eardrums had ruptured from longstanding infections. Despite all this, he was – and continues to be – a happy, friendly and playful little fellow who likes just about everyone. He moved in easily to his ODH home, loves to play with the family’s spaniel, learned the layout and the stairs quickly, and is both affectionate and funny. That little tail stub just keeps wagging. Our vet is working on his damaged ears in hopes we won’t have to do surgery, he will see the opthalmologist and the dermatologist, but most importantly he is loved and cared for. He thanks all who helped him get to a good place.

Update:  Little Rufus enjoyed life for many more months than expected after his vet found a large splenic tumor.    He remained cheery and cuddly, dealing with his blindness and all the eyedrops with the same good attitude – and still able to climb up on counters to help himself.   He was very dear to his ODH mom who will remember him always.