“Hi my name is Norman. Here’s my story: I was left behind, abandoned by my owner, who had me my whole life. The vet thinks I am between 10 to 14, but no one knows for sure. I weigh 50 pounds. I was left tied up on a 3-foot leash in a travel trailer for about two weeks, maybe longer as I lost track of time with little or no care by my owner’s, who were unable to care for me daily. Luckily, a kind and lovely lady found me after she heard my desperate cries. She spoke to my owner’s parents and was able to get me out of my filthy living condition and to my foster home where I’m getting endless love and doggy playmates.

Please help me find a forever, loving home! They tell me that I am energetic for a senior, but remember that age is just a state of mind. I am older, but I am still strong and playful. I still hop, run, and bounce around as if I were still a pup. I love to cuddle under the covers and will tell you when I am hungry, thirsty, or need to go outside to go potty as I am potty trained. I am really sweet and get along with other dogs but no one knows if I am ok with cats. So when I got to my foster home, I had really bad ear and skin infection, but the rescue that is helping me find my forever home had my foster mom get me to the vet. They have my skin cleared up and ears are almost there. It took my ears longer because of how long they were infected. I do have some lumps and bumps but the vet has checked them out and they are benign fatty tumors. I also had a blood drawn and they said my blood panel is absolutely amazing, just like me! Those young pups don’t have nothing on me. If you think that you would like to know more about me to see if I would be the perfect fit for your family please contact Lucky Paws Rescue.”

Norman is a cross post for Lucky Paws Rescue. He is living in a foster home in S. Everett, WA.

For more information about adopting him, please email: Terry at luckydog115@gmail.com

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.