This sweet 14 year old Cocker Spaniel came into ODH care with a large grapefruit-sized mass hanging from his belly and not surprisingly, very bad knees. As with most of our ODH dogs, we don’t know how long this poor fellow suffered from such neglected medical care, but given the size of his mass, it was probably a long time. Thanks to your dedicated support of ODH, Oden was able to get the surgery he needed right away and a loving ODH forever home in which to heal. That awful mass is now history, and his forever mom tells us Oden is healing—and walking—like a champ!

Your support has also allowed Oden to visit an eye specialist and he’s now on much-needed medication for an anterior lens luxation (a painful condition in which the lens falls forward in the eye, blocking drainage of fluid and increasing intra-ocular pressure) in his left eye and cataracts. The relief he must feel to finally get the good vet care he deserves must be immense!

Indeed, his forever mom says that despite these challenges he’s a very easy-going and happy guy and he seems to know he’s got some time to make up for. She tells us that Oden is surrounded by toys, but has discovered that his mom’s collection of stuffed snowmen really is the best.

Thanks, friends for making Oden’s golden days truly bright and full of love.

Update:  This very dear boy made the most out of his loving Final Refuge home and brought much joy.  He was very special and when his health deteriorated, Oden was sent on with much love.  He will always be remembered.


Post surgery resting

All dressed up for the game

Pre Surgery