Here is Tucker, who was recently placed in an ODH Final Refuge home after arriving at a local shelter.  This little fellow lucked out when an established foster family put their hand up for him!

We first heard of Tucker after he’d been in a serious car accident. The car had served as a home to Tucker with his owner who was in poor health.   We heard that  Tucker had likely been injured in the car accident. Before having the car for a home, he had been a puppy mill dog; bred and never neutered or given any vet care.

At 14 years old, dear Tucker has no lower jaw due to never having dental care. One hip is luxated out of socket and he has some collapsed discs. Because of tracheal collapse, he also has a terrible cough and wheeze. Tucker was a candidate for Old Dog Haven because of his age and his long list of medical issues that needed to be addressed. Thanks to our donors, we are very happy to help him!

Tucker’s fosters let us know he has settled in nicely. He has made friends with Fiona, their other Old Dog Haven foster. Tucker has chosen the man in the house to be “his person”. Tucker had his first bath in his new home-probably the first bath he has had in a very long time! His fosters reported that even his cough and wheeze seem to be doing better now that he’s receiving medications.

We are so happy for Tucker and so relieved to know he will never suffer again. Thanks to his new family and to all of you who support Old Dog Haven, life is good for this little fellow!

Update:  Little Tucker’s heart and lung issues finally became too much and we had to say goodbye.  This little fellow came to his ODH home with so many health issues, they did an amazing job of getting him comfortable and gave him a joyful last chapter.  He will be greatly missed.