Oliver is a Maltese thought to be around 14 years old. He came into a shelter in horrible shape, emaciated at just 4 pounds, and with mats covering his entire body.

His first exam after coming into Old Dog Haven’s care revealed a hiatal hernia, a kidney stone in his urethra, advanced dental disease, and mature cataracts with a concern for glaucoma. Oliver has trouble with frequent regurgitation and coughing and is on medications to address that, and is on a prescription diet for his kidney stone. He will also see an ophthalmologist. Hernia repair surgery would be too dangerous for him, but the hope is he will get strong and healthy enough to undergo a dental.

Oliver is blind and deaf but gets around his Final Refuge home well and has grown comfortable exploring the yard a bit. But his favorite place to be is in a comfy bed inside or in his foster mom’s arms or lap. He’s a sweet, resilient little guy and he will be treasured forever in his new home.

Update:  Dear Oliver’s health deteriorated suddenly and his family had to say goodbye.  He had made great strides in getting healthy and really loved his family, but there were just too many physical challenges.  This little fellow will be greatly missed.

On his way home from the shelter

All cleaned up and enjoying a comfy ride