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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Peanut T came to us in 2020 (and now in  2023 he is 15 1/2 years old).

He had been a stray and found himself in a shelter.  He was microchipped, and the shelter notified his owners that he had been found and they would come to get him. Three weeks later, he was still sitting in the shelter. He was around 8 pounds and scared of the world. He was starting to lose his eyesight, had horrible teeth, and had a heart murmur.  The perfect pup for an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home!

After a few months, he started showing his true colors. He was very talkative with severe separation anxiety. He loves to snuggle his mommy, and if he falls asleep, he will let the other dogs snuggle him too, but if he is awake, it is on his terms, or he will tell you all about it. In January 2021, Peanut had all but two teeth pulled. After this, he was pigging out.

I had never seen a little toy poodle eat like he did. It was a blessing to see. We would go for walks and we would find him digging and eating dirt. As the days passed his eyes were getting worse, and we were doing eye drops three times a day. Eventually, his blood pressure was so bad in his eyes that they both filled up with blood. It was hard to control the pain. Old Dog Haven and our local vet were able to get him in for an enucleation to free Peanut from the pain, and by this time, he had lost his vision. I was so nervous about this and had never had to care for a dog that was blind, not to mention,  one with no eyes. We had one emergency visit due to an infection in his eye socket, which had our hearts pumping.

It took a little while for him to heal, but when he was feeling better, he became a Rockstar and had no fear. He gets around anywhere and loves running in circles! He barks a lot while outside playing to hear his voice bounce off things to help him know where he is at. He insists on being carried like a baby, and everyone asks if he is real when we go places. People stop us everywhere wanting to say Hi to the little guy, so we started a Facebook Page for him @ Peanut T’s Adventures, to share his experiences. Peanut loves his humans and his pack. Now he is truly enjoying life! We took him to the ocean this year, and he was running everywhere and barking. Peanut knows when we are at a coffee stand and starts to get worked up—sometimes yelling at the barista, telling them all about a puppuccino. Seeing these beautiful fur babies enjoying life makes us so very happy.

And Peanut is clearly happy too!

Sunset at the beach

Right – at the shelter Left – home

Dirt is yummy

Completely at ease

With his pack

Peanut T is sponsored by:

  • in honor of Adelaide - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Lisa McCane of Seattle, WA