These two tiny poodles were brought to a shelter at age 13 by their owner who said she couldn’t afford to pay for their dentals. Once in their ODH Final Refuge home, they had careful vet checks and then those badly-needed dentals. Their ODH mom says the sweetest dogs she has ever been around. Rocko is the class clown and Choko always seems to be worried about what is going on around him. They were both extremely thin but have put weight on now and are thriving. They were very bonded when they arrived in their foster home but are now learning that there is a life out there for each of them. They love to be outside and find their own things to explore, and they LOVE snuggle-on-dad’s-lap time in the mornings. We will watch over them carefully as they age and will be glad to see them turn into healthy, happy, well loved little creatures.

On April 28, 2017, Rocko lost his battle to cancer. Choko is doing great, getting extra love and seems to be handling the loss of his brother and partner well. He still has ODH foster dog Harvey and a resident dog named Sam to cuddle up with when he wants and his own bed, on the human’s bed, to curl up in when he wants some alone time.

Update from Choko’s Final Refuge family: We said goodbye to Choko when he began to have seizures that we couldn’t control. Choko was an owner release to a shelter and ODH swooped in and took him and his brother Rocko into their care and we were the lucky family that became their foster home. According to the shelter records Choko was almost 17 years old when he passed. He had a very gentle and peaceful exit from this world and I am certain that he is now running free with his brother on the other side of the bridge. He will be so missed but we are relieved that he will never have to experience another seizure. Love you little bitty Choko Latte.