Rosy was found ​at age 15 ​with another dog, abandoned, in an abandoned house. No one knows how long they were there, but Rosy wasn’t too thin and her coat was good, so she had been cared for not long before they were found. Rosy is an ​Lab mix or perhaps​ Australian Shepherd mix. She has some neuropathy in her back legs and tends to drag one foot when walking and has arthritis of the spine, but is otherwise in very good condition.

She is a very sweet girl and was quite shy when she first came to her foster home. It appears she might have also come from an abusive situation as her foster family needs to be careful not to startle her or it will cause her to react in fear. But that is getting better as she feels safer. She prefers sleeping on the floor rather than choosing a vast array of dog beds, but she does enjoy sleeping with the adult daughter in the foster family at night or picking a favorite couch, once she learned she would not get in trouble for that.

Rosy loves her walks and “talks” until the family gets her out! Rosy is very good with all the other dogs in the foster family. She knows “sit” and “shake” and is very anxious to please.

Rosy seems to feel more relaxed and appears happy now to be in her “forever home” where she will be forever loved.

Update:  Rosy’s family had to say goodbye when her health deteriorated. She was a very old and very wonderful girl who will be greatly missed by her whole family. The other dogs in the household are genuinely grieving over the loss of Rosy. There are 4 left and none have been eating very well since her passing nor are they their usual happy selves. Rosy guarded and loved her whole family and had taken on the Alpha role. She is beyond being missed.

And from her Final Refuge Mom:  “Rosy would follow me throughout my gardening and keep watch over me. She would get up and move when I would get out of her sight because she had to know where I was. I have one garden on the other side of the fenced area for the dogs and she would fuss when I was over there. She could see me, but we were separated by a fence and she didn’t like that. I let her out there with me a couple of times, but she was anxious to get back into “her” yard.  Rosy was a very important member of our family!”