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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Beautiful Roxi had a long, sad history before becoming an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dog.  This little black and white spaniel mix was severely neglected by her owner and left to wander as a stray.  When she was finally picked up by local authorities in the winter of 2019, she was suffering from severe eye pain, chronic dental disease, ear and urinary tract infections, and extensive hair loss. What’s more, Roxi was most likely already blind when she was left to stray that winter, the result of long untreated eye disease.

Because of the generosity of ODH supporters like you, once she was in ODH care Roxi was immediately given the veterinary attention she desperately needed. Old Dog Haven paid for multiple surgeries, relieving Roxi’s pain by removing both of her eyes, extracting multiple teeth, and treating her many infections.  And then Roxi got even luckier: this brave little trooper went to a longtime ODH Final Refuge family with a deep love and understanding of special needs spaniels. Her ODH mom says, “Since we became her forever family last June, we have been constantly amazed by how capable Roxi is despite her blindness. She is so joyful, spunky and confident! Roxi loves her long walks, car rides, coming to work with me and meeting new people everywhere we go. She is such a silly, loving and cuddly girl, who has brought so much love to our entire family—including our two cats.”

Roxi is a beautiful testament to resilience. She shows us that even the most broken of old dogs can and do thrive with unconditional love and appropriate care in their golden years.  As her ODH mom tells us, though it broke their hearts to think of all that Roxi went through, “ODH’s gift to dogs like Roxi is truly incredible—a second chance at happiness and comfort after a lifetime of suffering.”

…And just look at her now. Nothing’s stopping this happy girl from enjoying her golden years!

Dinner time?

Sunning with a friend

Roxi is sponsored by:

  • Katherine Busching & Rick Smale of Mill Creek, WA - Lifetime Sponsor