Sophie is a sweet Cockapoo who was surrendered by her owner. She is 16-1/2 years old and her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge family is looking forward to her 17th birthday in March 2021!

Sophie came into ODH care with advanced cataracts, a heart murmur and terrible teeth. She also had untreated hypothyroid and possible cognitive deficits. Thanks to your support of ODH, Sophie quickly got the care of a cardiologist and it was determined that her heart condition wasn’t as bad as originally thought. But in light of her advanced age it was decided not to do dental work to remove her teeth. Sophie had only been given dry kibble before coming to ODH and because of her poor teeth she had trouble eating and was underweight as a result. Her forever family switched her to wet food–and antibiotics to control the bacteria in her mouth–and with this relief she has now gained needed weight!

Like all of our ODH seniors, Sophie gets regular veterinary checkups. In addition to the cardiologist, she has also seen an ophthalmologist and is now getting the proper medications to keep her eye, thyroid, and cognitive health in check. Her people tell us that she’s been one happy, healthy pup because of the ongoing care she’s receiving. And though she was the only dog in her previous home, Sophie likes other dogs and adores the company of her two new doggy brothers. Sophie also gets along with the cats in the household. Her family tells us, “The cats love her because she is so sweet and they delight in rubbing against her. Whenever the dogs or cats get near her Sophie gives a little tail wag and a bounce. Sophie is so sweet and fun-loving and keeps us laughing. When she gets excited she pounces around like a puppy. She also rolls around in soft, fresh blankets. It’s so cute! She loves getting treats too. When it’s treat time Sophie’s right there with the rest of them.”

Sophie is a great example of an old pup who came to ODH with multiple challenges but with great care and great love has been able to shine in her Final Refuge home. “When we come home Sophie gets very excited and greets us at the front door. She pounces and runs all around as soon as we walk in. She also loves the backyard and stays outside longer than the other dogs smelling everything. Sophie has taught us to never give up and to not let disabilities get in the way of what you want to do. That life is great, and despite the limitations in our way, we can work around them. Sophie is the best dog!”

Update: after a wonderful and very happy time with her Final Refuge family, Sophie’s health failed suddenly and her folks had to say goodbye. She brought much joy to her family and thoroughly relished all the love she was given.


Snoozin’ with buddy

So cozy!

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