Trixie came in to Old Dog Haven care after her owner passed away and she was taken to a shelter. She was initially thought to have Cushing’s Disease, but lab tests concluded that she does not. Trixie IS very overweight, however, and needed a strict diet and exercise, including prescription dog food to help her lose weight. It seems as though Trixie lived a very sedentary life in the past as her back legs lacked any strength or muscle, and it was very hard for her to stand or walk for long periods of time. Other medical issues included chronic ear and yeast infections as well as conjunctivitis in her eyes, so common for spaniels like Trixie.

Trixie has been in her Final Refuge home since June of 2019.  After a couple weeks of adjustment and realizing she was in a safe and happy home, Miss Trixie has come to life! She loves to play fetch, go on walks, snuggle on the couch, and bring her humans various gifts like socks, shoes and her food dish. Trixie is completely deaf but she has been finding her voice – in fact she is quite vocal in expressing her opinion throughout the day!

Dear Trixie has also become stronger and is losing weight. She’s bonded nicely with her pack and her older cocker brother and it’s clear that she is quite content and happy to once again have a family to call her own.  Thanks to Old Dog Haven, this sweet girl has a new lease on life!

Update:  After more than 4 years, it was finally time to say goodbye to Miss Trixie.  She was  much loved and will be greatly missed.