Tracy (a Cavalier King Charles spaniel whom we keep trimmed short since she spends so much time outside with us)  was surrendered to one of our regular vet clinics because she had bladder stones requiring immediate surgery.  That is expensive and then necessitates prescription diet and careful lab work monitoring the rest of her life to prevent recurrence.

The clinic quickly asked ODH if we could take her, and with agreement went immediately to surgery.  Tracy has recovered well and is thriving without any sign (so far!) of more stones or crystals.

She had some injury to one “ankle” a few years before coming to ODH and arthritis in that joint has progressed despite our efforts; it limits how long she can go on walks but not her enthusiasm.

Sadly, her vet found a nasty looking tumor on her epiglottis so we don’t expect to have much more time with her – but it’s been longer than anyone expected, she seems perfectly comfortable and VERY happy so we just enjoy her company!     What a nice nice little girl she is.

Update:  Sweet Tracy was able to stay for over two years and shared her happiness for life with her Final Refuge family.  It was amazing that she had 14 joyful months after a mass had been found.    She was a delight and will be missed, especially by her buddy Gypsy.  From her Final Refuge Family:  “this dear girl was abandoned when her health began to fail,  but she settled easily into our home and we loved her so very much.”

Our dear Tracy on her last day with us before she had to leave. A very special girl.

Tracy – week 1