A brave boy

November 14, 2015 We Remember

Little Clifford’s fight against SO many problems just got too much for him. His vision was nearly gone, his hearing had suddenly gone, the spindle cell tumor on his...

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A dignified cat who kept the dogs in line

November 16, 2015 We Remember

Captain came to Home Base at about 10 years old, missing an eye, and somehow managed to keep his never-ending cool in a home with 15 dogs and 3...

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Found love and comfort

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Wanda was a very pretty old dachshund with multiple health issues. The shelter asked us to take her, she was curled up miserable and they thought she was close...

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Had lots of love

November 17, 2015 We Remember

Little Dozer’s body had a tough last few months, as his spine crumbled a bit more and his remaining eye struggled with a corneal ulcer. With help from ophthalmologists,...

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Loved his family

November 10, 2015 We Remember

Never has a little dog lived up to his name so well. ODH gave him another round and Champ literally jumped off the canvas. Brought to a shelter with...

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