Truly enjoying his retirement!

October 8, 2017 We Remember

Toby came into Old Dog Haven care after being passed around to a few different homes before landing up at a shelter.  When he arrived in his ODH Final...

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Daisy (Beagle/Lab)

Sweet and Resilient Girl

December 29, 2020 We Remember

Daisy moved into our Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home after her previous owners passed away. This beagle – Labrador mix settled in so easily that I could tell...

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A charming character

December 3, 2021 We Remember

Zayde was a stray who wound up in a shelter. Why his family never returned to claim this loving 16 year old charmer is a mystery. He may be...

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Keeping order in her new home!

November 18, 2021 We Remember

“Hi, I am Queenie the mini Schnoodle – a fancy breed for a fancy gal like me. You see, I am a mini Schnauzer and mini Poodle mix. “A...

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Finally safe and learning to trust

December 23, 2018 We Remember

So often we never know the history of the dogs that come into Old Dog Haven care. Faline is one of those, a mystery. People ask: How did such...

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Very affectionate old youngster!

January 8, 2017 We Remember

Bennett was left at the shelter by his owner, who said he was 13 years old. He was terrified there, so terrified that he didn’t urinate for 36 hours! ...

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A wonderful smile

November 4, 2018 We Remember

From her Final Refuge Family: Coco came to us after being abandoned. She was 12 years old and emaciated, with a full body flea-allergy caused skin infection, a severe...

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Truly enjoying his new home

January 9, 2020 We Remember

From Fritz’s Final Refuge mom: “Fritz came into the welcoming fold of Old Dog Haven when a concerned family member advocated for him to live out his remaining time...

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Truly living her best life

February 16, 2022 We Remember

Machica is a sweet older Chi who came to ODH with several problems:  poor hearing, very little vision  and her spine and legs are terribly compromised. As a result,...

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Lily (Pom)

Now likes attention!

September 12, 2019 We Remember

Lily was quickly pulled from the shelter because she was very, very stressed to be there and was in particularly poor condition. Her hair was matted to the skin...

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