Quietly handsome

February 17, 2019 We Remember

Elmo, a Husky or Husky mix, came to ODH at 11 – 12 yrs old as an owner surrender due to circumstances beyond their control. He is a quiet,...

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Pekingese - blind and a force to be reckoned with

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Wicket is blind and has 6 teeth left but she rules over the house, despite being the smallest dog there at 11 pounds. She isn’t afraid to tell the...

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A true transformation

January 15, 2018 We Remember

When she arrived, Dallas had been in custody for several months as her owner was charged with neglect.  She was in VERY bad shape with severe allergies that had...

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A very sweet boy

February 20, 2018 We Remember

Red, a siberian husky about 11 years old when he came into the shelter, had serious GI issues and reports of seizures.   We sent him to a specialist...

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Learning to trust

January 26, 2019 We Remember

Dear Della (her foster family is fond of old Perry Mason reruns!) looks to be a Wire Haired Fox Terrier mix. She found herself in a city shelter with...

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Really sweet old lady

October 23, 2017 We Remember

Calliope arrived to her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home in pain and seemed to be shut down because of it. It turned out the pressures in both of...

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Quiet nature

June 10, 2018 We Remember

Ulysses was left at a shelter for the second time in just a few years, with a poor coat, a growth on his gum, and supposedly dribbling urine.     (SO...

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Hot Toddy

Loves to cuddle

January 23, 2019 We Remember

A personality worth talking about!  Hot Toddy is a chihuahua that cam​e into​ a  wonderful ODH final foster home.   She was old, weighed about 4 pounds, was unspayed and as...

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An old fashioned girl

November 4, 2018 We Remember

This dear dog was found with her dog buddy wandering in a farmer’s field either lost or left on the side of the road. They were both brought to...

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Lively and cuddly

November 13, 2018 We Remember

Griffin was let in a crate on a vet clinic’s doorstep with a note that said “My owner died, please help me. I may be blind. I’m sick but...

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