Loves Frisbee & Tennis Balls

February 25, 2018 We Remember

Grady: This sweet miniature schnauzer was a stray that unfortunately had been hit by a car and after emergency help ended up in a shelter. Due to a possible...

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Lovely personality

April 15, 2018 We Remember

From her foster mom: At 14 years of age, Maggie came to Old Dog Haven directly from her life-long home. Her owner wanted to keep her forever, but circumstances would...

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Loves everyone

August 25, 2017 We Remember

Hi! I am Rio! I can’t remember much of my history. I know I was seen at a local vet clinic until 2011 but fell off their radar until...

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Yellow Lab is the perfect companion

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Buddy, a big yellow Labrador, was taken in by his owners for euthanasia – they evidently couldn’t pay for treating his skin and ear infections. The vet refused and...

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Quite the cuddler

February 20, 2017 We Remember

This cute little min pin came into a shelter with very painful eyes. The shelter vet quickly decided that one at least needed to be removed immediately and ODH...

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Oscar Meyer

Making lots of friends!

October 1, 2017 We Remember

Oscar Meyer was brought into a shelter as a stray.   He had skin problems, terrible anxiety, was mostly blind, and almost deaf.  Also, he came to us with TERRIBLE teeth (as...

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Loving and sassy

November 6, 2016 We Remember

Ocean came to us at the end of September 2015. She was left at the shelter at age 13. She was sporting (more than) a couple of seeping skin...

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Always ready to play and be loved

September 10, 2018 We Remember

Her long graceful stride carried Allie out to the shelter’s off-leash play area where she immediately found the ball. The beautiful, thin tricolor border collie (with sighthound?) mix was always...

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A true joy for life

September 10, 2018 We Remember

Little Dougie was left at the shelter by his longtime owner, undoubtedly because he had started leaving bloody urine everywhere.     The shelter vet removed bladder stones but didn’t see...

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A very determined little princess

September 10, 2018 We Remember

Abigail was a “stray” found wandering, matted and filthy, and was taken to a shelter. After being cleaned up and having a dental, she arrived at our house with...

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