Adorable girl now enjoys life

November 11, 2015 We Remember

From her ODH home: Dear little Dory came to us in 2012 with an overwhelming pile of anxiety, a myriad of medical issues, and a loving and trusting heart....

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Small Collie - Very happy dog

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Luna is probably a small Collie but could be an “oversize” Sheltie; we don’t quite know. A Good Samaritan found her “stray”, located the owner who didn’t want her...

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Tucker Bichon

Loves sleeping on the bed

November 14, 2015 We Remember

Tucker is a gentleman at heart who loves his people. He joined his ODH home at age 13 after his lifetime owner moved into an assisted living facility. He...

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Poodle - goofy and so sweet

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Dear little Penelope at around 14 years old, found herself ‘stray’ at a shelter three times in a four month period. The last time she had a very damaged...

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Greatly loved

March 25, 2016 We Remember

Christine is a really funny little dog, our best guess is miniature dachshund with maltese – a little thick dachsie body with short little dachsie legs and feet but...

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MinPin - finally at home

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Libby was a min pin whose personality fit her beauty. She was a really sweet dog who greeted visitors that came to her Final Refuge home by jumping into...

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Very special boy

February 13, 2016 We Remember

Japhy was the best of the best. A shelter had been trying unsuccessfully to adopt Japhy out for several weeks before contacting Old Dog Haven. Once he had been neutered, he...

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Longhaired Dachshund lovely and bossy

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Grace is a black and tan longhaired Dachshund, around 12 years old. When she came into care, just before Thanksgiving 2013, she had been severely neglected. She was weak,...

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Australian Shepherd mix - lots of medical attention

November 11, 2015 We Remember

A tall Australian Shepherd mix, Ryan came into a shelter with a ghastly-looking left hind leg. All the skin was gone from midway in the long bone down to...

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A very good dog

November 20, 2016 We Remember

Niki came into a shelter quite thin and lonely but with lovely manners and that beautiful face. We had bloodwork done which suggested Cushings disease or primary liver disease,...

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