A tiny precious treasure

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Chiquita was a tiny, mostly blind Chihuahua who was found “stray” and taken to a shelter. With no chance for adoption, Old Dog Haven was asked if a Final...

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Loves to play (and eat)!

December 29, 2018 We Remember

From her foster mom: Lily was found wondering the streets and taken to a local humane society. She was a matted, over-grown mess covered in feces, fleas, and dirt....

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Loves life and mornings on the beach

October 28, 2017 We Remember

When Corrie the Pembroke Corgi, was brought to the shelter by Animal Control at about 9 years old, she was emaciated, flea-infested, had serious skin issues and she hadn’t...

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A perfect match

October 17, 2018 We Remember

From Daisy’s ODH Family:  Daisy is an Australian Shepard mix, and this is our story. We had to euthanize our beloved Australian Shepard on earlier this year. She had...

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Loved the sun and cuddling

January 15, 2019 We Remember

Tulip was a gentle, easy going girl who was so beautiful. How a wonderful dog like her ended up in a large shelter, deemed “unadoptable”, we will never know....

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A loving sweetheart

February 1, 2019 We Remember

Our dear Malcolm or Max as we called him, came to us clearly neglected. Old Dog Haven wasn’t sure whether it was a fixable situation or possible hospice. Max...

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Molly McGee

Shy Chihuahua with strong opinions

November 17, 2015 We Remember

Molly McGee (aka Molly) , a 5-pound longhaired chihuahua, was brought into a shelter at age 14 after biting one of the grandchildren. She indeed is shy and does...

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Now a happy pup

September 26, 2018 We Remember

Patches, an eleven year old Shih tsu, was surrendered to the shelter when her long-time owner had to move into an assisted living facility. Patches had been well cared...

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Determined and ever so sweet

November 6, 2016 We Remember

Dilly came to us from the shelter where she was brought in as a stray. She was blind and deaf. We just can’t figure out how she managed on...

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Gramma Rose

Growing younger by the day!

February 20, 2017 We Remember

Gramma Rose– A Lovely Lady Gramma ended up in the shelter as a stray. The shelter contacted Old Dog Haven and told them how sweet she was, but was...

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