Happy and loved

November 20, 2016 We Remember

Edith, another “stray” at a large shelter, came to ODH as “old, lumpy-bumpy” but seemed anything but old to her ODH family! She settled in very happily and her...

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Loved and cherished

November 19, 2016 We Remember

Miles was brought into a shelter by someone who said he’d found the dog; sadly, the microchip was registered to the “finder” who evidently had neglected him for years...

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Surrounded by love

November 19, 2016 We Remember

Hope, a lab mix, was pretty young for an old dog — probably about 9 or 10. She was dropped off at a shelter with end-stage lymphoma. Not wanting...

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Shih Tzu - loves to prance

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Debbie came into a big shelter as a “stray”, and a real matted mess. She’d obviously had a LOT of puppies (plastic surgery might help her looks) and had...

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Amazingly resilient and loving!

July 10, 2016 We Remember

It was late Sunday afternoon when we noticed Rucker’s legs looked a little  weak. By Sunday night, he was unable to stand and sadly, we knew that we had...

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Very happy lab

May 1, 2016 We Remember

Big Jerome landed as a stray in a shelter with one HUGE lipoma (benign fatty tumor) on a shoulder. With that “deformity”, of course no one wanted to take...

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So very huggable

January 10, 2016 We Remember

From Minky’s ODH family: We have been lucky enough to welcome into our home Minky (AKA, “The Minkster” because he has become surprisingly sporty, and “The Mink” because he...

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Little Chihuahua with huge personality

November 11, 2015 We Remember

It has now been over four years that little Willie has graced the ODH Final Refuge page! It is time for an update! How Willie has stayed so healthy...

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Terrier mix and adorable

October 8, 2016 We Remember

All we know of Amanda’s history is that she was adopted from a shelter, then went through at least 2 homes before coming into a different shelter as a...

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Much loved

October 9, 2016 We Remember

Koda had been with her elderly humans for all her 14 years; when they couldn’t care for her any longer their daughter took her but clearly didn’t want or...

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