Happy ambassador

June 4, 2021 We Remember

Duke was picked up as a stray and left at the shelter before coming in to Old Dog Haven care. He arrived with arthritis and eye issues needing treatment....

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She's on a ROLL!

May 7, 2021 We Remember

Dear Mama-T, a 58-lb pittie mix, was found just off a busy I-5 interchange and brought to a shelter by a Good Samaritan. Mama-T (“T” for tripod) cannot walk...

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Expert cuddler

January 13, 2022 We Remember

When Giorgio left a local shelter to come to our home, he had pneumonia.  He is a sweet 4 lb Yorkshire Terrier who at 12 years old is almost...

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The Brave and True Protector

June 5, 2020 We Remember

From her Final Refuge family: “Ginny and her best friend, Neville, were dumped at the shelter after losing their elderly owner.  Quiet little Ginny, about 12 years old, was...

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Made himself at home

February 23, 2023 We Remember

Aslan made his way to Old Dog Haven after he was found wandering in a field and taken to a shelter. This 88 lb Samoyed boy was fairly stiff,...

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An amazing transformation

January 26, 2023 We Remember

Tariq, a 14 lb lhasa mix, was surrendered to a shelter after his owners could no longer care for him.  Not only was Tariq very underweight but his face...

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Surrounded by love and enjoying life

February 13, 2023 We Remember

In 2019 Old Dog Haven received a call from an owner who needed to give up her two dogs because she was having health issues and could no longer...

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Home sweet home

August 31, 2021 We Remember

Magnus was picked up from a shelter on Christmas Eve by a volunteer and brought to his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home.  He had fur so matted that...

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Bear (Lab Mix)

Enjoying his new life!

February 1, 2023 We Remember

When he was 11+ years old, Bear’s life-long owner died. He was then cared for by family members. They kept him in a travel trailer parked on their front...

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Violet Rose  (Chihuahua)

Loves laps

September 15, 2021 Maranda Fund Recipient, We Remember

  Violet Rose, a very tiny Chihuahua, came to the shelter with no history of any kind.  Shelter staff realized she had a serious disability and contacted Old Dog...

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