Having the time of her life

November 14, 2015 We Remember

Cedar is a beautiful beagle who came to ODH after being a “stray” at the shelter.    She had two mammary tumors  (and of course wasn’t spayed) and a huge...

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Loves her treats

October 25, 2018 We Remember

Katja, likely a chow-lab mix, came into the shelter at age 15 with an eye that had been bitten badly and left untreated for months. ODH was asked to...

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Wonderful mellow gentleman

July 10, 2019 We Remember

Chino was a handsome, mellow little man who came with the usual host of neglected old dog issues—eyes, ears, skin, back, arthritis, hearing and vision. We immediately set about...

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A real sweetheart

July 9, 2019 We Remember

Our precious Sadie was an old nearly blind and almost deaf bichon stray that thankfully landed in a shelter. Despite developing kennel cough at her advanced age, this grand...

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A very delightful, loving boy

April 14, 2018 We Remember

Orion came into the shelter a pretty sad picture:    VERY thin, missing hair everywhere with a red bare belly and angry-red bare throat, infected red ears, very bent hind...

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Happy, loving boy

September 26, 2019 We Remember

  From Virgil’s Final Refuge Mom: “When Virgil arrived at my home he was skinny, bedraggled, covered with scabs from skin allergies, and very frightened.  His ears hurt, he was...

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Wren aka Bugs

Very sweet dog, a real survivor!

June 6, 2018 We Remember

BUGS or BUGSY BOO OBIT BUGS was a STAR of a dog – a real trooper through all her adversity.  She was a recipient of the Maranda Fund, and...

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Forever loved

June 19, 2019 We Remember

From Kennedy’s Final Refuge Mom: Kennedy passed away at home on June 11, 2019.  He was 16 years old. We had him with us for 21 months. When he...

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Tiny snuggler

October 18, 2017 We Remember

In many ways little (5.4 pound) Tasha is a typical ODH pup: she came with a badly infected mouth, luxating patellas that make her hop (literally, on three legs),...

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Brave, adorable little girl

April 27, 2019 We Remember

Mercy is a precious soul in a battered, neglected body…but that doesn’t slow her down one bit! Her paperwork says she was turned in to the shelter on her...

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