Wants to be loved and cuddled

April 15, 2022 We Remember

Edna was referred to Old Dog Haven from a busy shelter where she had come in as a stray. She’s a mini Poodle thought to be about 12 years...

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Great ball player and LOVES to be petted!

December 17, 2021 We Remember

Darla was left at a shelter for “owner-requested euthanasia”, citing severe arthritis.   The shelter didn’t find her crippled so put her on the adoption floor.   Unfortunately, she was so...

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Enthusiastic walker and very nice girl

December 17, 2021 We Remember

Tracy (a Cavalier King Charles spaniel whom we keep trimmed short since she spends so much time outside with us)  was surrendered to one of our regular vet clinics...

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A very sweet treat

January 29, 2021 We Remember

Here’s Cookie! This little Cookie is so sweet, her mom guesses that makes her a sugar cookie! When she first came into Old Dog Haven care, Cookie was in...

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More beautiful by the day

February 15, 2021 We Remember

Pomeranian mix Heidi experienced long stays in two shelters before coming in to Old Dog Haven care. This little dog is estimated to be about 13 years old and...

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Esther Bunny

Spirited and loving

May 3, 2020 We Remember

There is a lot to say about this little lady, but not much is known about her past. Esther came into Old Dog Haven care when the shelter asked...

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Tiny, loving fellow

November 13, 2021 We Remember

From Teko’s Final Refuge Mom: I picked up my beloved ODH Teko on February 29, 2020. He howled the entire drive to my house from his crate, such a...

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New Adventures Await!

September 16, 2021 Maranda Fund Recipient, We Remember

  Here’s Pippa! When she arrived into Old Dog Haven care this sweet little 12-year-old Maltese mix had severe gingival hyperplasia (abnormal growth of gum tissue) across her entire...

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Finally safe and cared for

January 17, 2019 We Remember

Madden, whose full name is Mad Dog Madden McBad’un, is a very busy, very young old pup. Originally thought to be a black Labrador mix, he’s more likely a...

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Wonderful farm dog!

December 29, 2019 We Remember

Posey, a lovely old Labrador, found herself left at a shelter in her old age. She had a concerning tumor on her abdomen and needed to be evaluated by...

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