Always remembered

November 14, 2015 We Remember

Little Bailey lived 5 happy years in his ODH home, surrounded by love. At what we guessed to be 18-20 years old he simply couldn’t keep going any longer...

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Quite the flirt!

November 6, 2015 We Remember

Raleigh, a Pomeranian/American Eskimo mix, landed in a shelter after his owner died. He didn’t look or act like an old dog, but at 12 or 13 his age...

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Ride along buddy

November 17, 2015 We Remember

Scooter came into the shelter in really bad shape. He had a strange tumor hanging from his chin and he had been extremely neglected; he was found with open...

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Loved walks

November 3, 2015 We Remember

Little Boo, who was perhaps beagle and cocker, came into a big shelter as a “stray” at an estimated age of 14. He had a happy time with his...

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Annie (Angel)

Found lots of love

November 13, 2015 We Remember

Annie lab, a really beautiful yellow Labrador, came into a shelter after being found far from the home listed on her microchip. She was transferred back to the right...

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Little Bear

Valued family member

November 10, 2015 We Remember

Little Bear was left by his owners at the shelter with a tumor that had been there for years as well as a significant heart murmur. He joined his...

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Truly loved

November 3, 2015 We Remember

This little old Beagle Brenno came into a shelter as a “stray” barely able to use his hind legs, seeing very little, with patches of raw skin from itching...

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Loved fruit

November 7, 2015 We Remember

Morris, probably a Lhasa Apso of advanced age, was a dog like many of the ones that come into the care of Old Dog Haven: he showed obvious signs...

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Great family member

November 17, 2015 We Remember

Hero was suddenly overtaken by glaucoma and vision loss, most likely due to cancer. At the same time he became seriously lame, and cancer was found in his lungs....

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Great guard dog!

November 15, 2015 We Remember

Little Simba had been fighting battles with gall bladder stones, GI upsets, dry eye and iris atrophy, and pneumonia – when his heart started rapidly failing it was just...

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